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gently hons into distance

bed for me

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Being a writer is hard, especially if you’re ever going to have a significant audience. People are going to hate on you for your plot, shame you for your conflict, and call you lazy for your characters. I generally make a point of ignoring the particularly vitriolic…

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ur face isn’t valid

ur mum isn’t valid

ur life isn’t valid„

ur dick isn’t valid„

there’s actually a very valid reason for that

i don’t have one

all these years

i thought you had a dick


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thread notice;

i have quite a few replies to do. from one-liners to full paras. the thing is, i’m trying to be active, but the amount of asks i have and the number of replies i have to get to is quite a mountain to get over, and tbh it’s putting me off.

i considered doing what many have done: dropping all current threads and starting fresh. but i don’t think i want to do that. i enjoy a lot of the threads i have going, and since barely anyone talks to me anymore, finding new roleplays might prove difficult.

so i won’t do that.

however, i may be dropping a fair few soon, so this is a warning. it’s also an invitation! if we’ve roleplayed before, if we haven’t, you’re free to come talk to me.

also btw dear sammi and meg i have not forgotten our superhero au i just need to fix that up

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iamthegoodson asked: ❝❞
generated number: 107.

   Gabriel knows his brother. Despite his lengthy absence from Michaels presence, despite how distant they may have grown Michael has always been his older brother. But this is not him.

   Theres uncertainty, almost fear in the young Archangels honeyed gaze as he regards the other; the words are almost spat out, as if he cannot bear the taste they leave in his mouth.

                                                                                   —”Who are you?”